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Killer pushup program for spartans! Check it out and share it with your friends - visit me at bodybananas.tv


Finally the video is up and rolling - I had some trouble with my camera, computer etc. so sorry for the delay.

This video is about, conditioning our upper body!

We are working only with body weight, activating many muscle groups within a short interval.

This is for both men and women - it is for those who want to build bigger muscles but also for those who want to trim away that extra fat, let me explain:

Building muscle:

The heavier weights we can lift the bigger our muscles will be. Therefore it is important to be proactive regards to our muscle building.

So by doing these kinds of exercises (on the days you aren’t going to the gym) you tune your core strength and fitness for lifting heavier weights when going to the gym.

It also raises metabolism since we also are working out our cardiovascular system through the high intensity and by activating different muscle groups one after another without rest!

This BOOST metabolism!

If you are familiar with cross fit training, then you will recognize the same logic in this video!

Losing Fat:

This is WAY better than jogging around for 30-60 min. if your goal is to lose some fat, given that you work out with a high intensity - Why?

Because we are working out with much higher intensity than joggin, which means that our muscle won’t be supplied with oxygen, and this has an effect on our metabolism even after the workout!


If you are a woman and think that you can’t do these exercises or won’t do these exercises, because you are afraid of getting bigger muscles don’t worry!!

In order to grow, no matter how you also need to eat accordingly and strain the muscles with heavy weights!!

Don’t worry trust me for now I will cover all of this later on in the show!!


Oh btw. if you literally can’t do the exercises because you aren’t strong enough yet - Then what should do is to “try” and do the exercise anyway, no matter how far up you can push in the pushup or chin up. Just by trying to do the exercise will train your neurons and strength and eventually your body will adapt (after 1-2 weeks) and you will experience great results!!

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introducing Ruune the lightning bolt - One of the participants of the Bodybananas fitness experiment. You will be able to see and follow his journey on becoming more muscular, lean, ripped and super fit!! Let’s say hi to Run!


The race is off and we are ready to run! Bodybanans.tv has officially begun! Let´s have fun and go bananas!


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